Sunday, October 16

Baking Soda vs. Baking Powder

Hey Family and Friends!

Just a quick update today.

Brett again helped me to  pass another accounting test this week. I did even better on this one that the first! It took many hours of frustration and patience and I am so grateful to him for not giving up on me :)

This weekend we actually got to go on a date! Gasp! It was so much fun, we went and ate at Wingers and then went and played some ski ball and air hockey. We got really good deals at both places because of our newly acquired 'Starving Student Card' (It's like an entertainment book, but on a card that is folded up like an accordion.)

In reference to my blog title. I decided that I wanted to make some cookies to take to my brothers who live on the other side of Rexburg- all of 5 minutes away- but I wanted them to be Halloween  cookies. So I found a cute recipe online that I liked. I rushed to get all the ingredients together and then put them in the oven. I realized quickly that they did not look like the ones in the picture online. I couldn't figure out what I had done wrong so I looked over the ingredients again and realized that I had used baking soda instead on baking powder. The results- some very flat cookies! I think my brothers liked them anyway...

Hope everyone had a great week!

Sheree Bingham

Flat Cookies! (They still tasted ok!)


  1. I love wingers - wish there was one near us in WA.

  2. They really don't look that bad! But then I don't know any chocolate I don't like....


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