Sunday, October 9

Billmans and Roommate Reunion!


This week was really really busy with homework, work, classes, the usual.

We went down to Idaho Falls on Tuesday to get our month grocery shopping done and realized that we had been given the task of checking out Billmans (a BBQ joint) for my older brothers reception. So we had a last minute date night :) The food was really good and the conference room in the back looks nice.

On Thursday we worked really hard on homework so we could go to the cheap theater and see Captain America. It was really good!

On Saturday one of my old roommates, Amber Cook, came into town! So 5 of the six roommates from Kensington 306, Fall 2010 got together at our apartment, Brett was conveniently working that afternoon/night :) It was so much fun catching up with everyone! (p.s. Amber is the reason I met Brett!)

Hope everyone is having a great day!

Sheree Bingham

Sheree, Cindy, Chelsea, Jessica, Amber!


  1. Luncheon - not reception! Fun time with old roomates!!

  2. I definitely met Jessica at Dustin's mission reunion 2 weekends ago. Small world. :)


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