Sunday, November 27

Thanksgiving Break and Christmas Decorations!

Hey There!

It was a very busy week, but a lot of fun busy instead of the usual school and work busy! It was a fantastic Thanksgiving break!

We left Wednesday night and arrived in Honeyville pretty late. We watched Brett's Mom stuff the turkey and get things prepped for the next day while joking around with Heather (Brett's little sister). Thanksgiving day was a lot of fun, there were about 20 people enjoying the feast. Brett and I sure have a lot to be Thankful for and it was nice to have a day to reflect on all of our blessings.

Thursday night, at midnight, was my first ever black Friday shopping experience. We went to wal-mart and it was seriously like a sports arena in their. Very loud and people rushing everywhere. I think that everyone got what they went for!

Friday we went to Ogden to do some Christmas shopping and then once back in Rexburg me and the sister in laws (Me, Heather, Mandy, Timari, and Laura) went to see the new twilight movie. It was a lot of fun spending time with the girls and the movie was good! Brett helped the guys brand cattle while we were gone.

We headed home Saturday morning so we could both get back to work. Today we put up our Christmas Tree! I had a lot of ornaments to put on the tree because growing up each Christmas my grandma Kay and Papa would buy each of the grandchildren a Christmas ornament! I have pictures below- I love them and am so grateful to grandma Kay for the awesome tradition that I will be able to remember year after year! I was also able to set up the cute nativity set that Grandma Griffith gave me for Christmas several years ago!

I hope everyone is enjoying the season and getting excited to celebrate this special time of year!
Sheree Bingham

Brett driving the semi!

Christmas Tree! Zoom in to see the neat ornaments!

This ornament sings jingle bells

Another pretty ornament, I think this one was from the year I was 11.



  1. Hahaha we have that Nativity set!!!

  2. Very cute nativity set, Sheree! I haven't seen that one before. You beat us on the tree--we'll do ours this Saturday. Kari


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