Sunday, January 22

3 Down, 10 To Go

Hey everyone!

We have completed our first three weeks of classes and have 10 left. But who's counting!!? This has been the semester of random facts for us because in the short times during the day that I see Brett I am constantly saying, "Guess what I learned today! [insert random fact here]" It's a lot of fun.

There were no classes on Monday because of the holiday. Any thoughts of doing something fun were quickly pushed aside when we looked at the load of homework we received and Brett worked. It was still nice to at least have that day to be in the apartment together.

We used a gift card that we got for Christmas on Friday and ate at gator jacks and then we went and saw the chipmunks chipwrecked movie. I thought it was cute and I loved the music, Brett on the other hand... well, lets just say his taste in music isn't quite as varied as mine :)

Brett just claimed that our couch was probably built during World War 2. Hahaha!

Well, that's a quick update from the Binghams! We are looking forward to dinner with friends tonight!

Have a great week!

Sheree Bingham

My little cousin took this picture of Brett- thought I'd share!

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