Sunday, January 29

Elder Perry, Dance Party, and Family Pictures!


This week we had the privilege of hearing from Elder L. Tom Perry of the Quorum of the 12 apostles! He came and spoke at devotional on Sunday in the BYUI Center. His talk was fantastic! He talked about how the church is the scaffolding around the building of family not the other way around, preparing the way for the second coming, and being strong in hard times. He seemed to emphasize being bold in our proclamation of the gospel and telling people why we do the things that we do.

My favorite story that he told was about when he would go to business meetings that had a cocktail hour. He knew he couldn't drink so he would get sprite instead. He then realized that the sprite was the same bubbly consistency as some of the other drinks in the room and didn't want others to think that he was drinking so he started to order milk instead. The first time he asked the bar tender for a glass of milk he had to ask three times before the bar tender realized that he really WAS asking for milk and then scrambled to find a gallon of milk to serve. He said that him drinking milk always seemed to be a topic of discussion and conversation starter. as he went to more and more meetings he started to realize that more and more men began to order milk during cocktail hour with various reasons such as they were # months clean, or their wives didn't like them drinking. What  a neat story!

On Friday Brett's little sister Heather came into town! She came and stayed with us Friday night and then headed back the next afternoon. Not a very long trip- but lots of fun! We loved having her here! It was a nice break from school and work. She is the reason the blog title says dance party because she introduced us to some new music and brought Just Dance 3 with her. I feel like about 3/4 of the time she was here we were dancing!

Today I made an embarrassing cooking mistake. For the record: Putting 3 baked potatoes and four frozen slices of ham in the slow cooker on high for three hours is NOT a good idea! I came home from church and the apartment smelled terrible! I went and lifted the lid of the slow cooker and a huge puff of smoke came out, I quickly slammed the lid back down and opened the door so the alarms wouldn't go off! Needless to say we did not have ham for dinner. Brett is still laughing about it. Oh Boy!

Heather also did the favor of bringing us the family pictures that were taken in December! I think they turned out pretty well!

Thanks for reading!

Sheree Bingham
Sheree & Brett

The whole gang!


  1. LOVE the pictures! That just dance does sound like my Jazzersize? I will have to read Elder Perry's talk for sure...

  2. Awe I loved this blog :) It seems like your doing so well && having so much fun. I love your pictures && of course I miss you so much. Thanks for sharing.

    Mrs. S

  3. Elder Perry is my favorite. I love to listen to his talks. I have heard his milk story and it is great. You know he lives in Les's condo building? I was hoping to run into him when I was there for conference, but no luck.

  4. Hi, Sheree! The ham and potatoes story did make me chuckle. I also like your black and white photo. Have a good week! Kari


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