Sunday, January 15

Brett's Birthday Weekend!

Hello Everyone!

Every time we feel like we are settling into our school/work schedules something comes along to disrupt the peace again, but that's OK! We are taking it as it comes!

As most of you know Friday was Brett's 24th Birthday! I am sad to admit that his birthday was not the funnest day of his life. He had classes from 7 in the morning to 11:30 and then work from 1 to 9, but I did get to make him a nice breakfast, lunch, and dinner! he also opened some cards from parents and in laws as well as his present from me. I got him Inheritance- the last book int he Eragon series.

We celebrated more on Saturday. We did homework for most the day, but enjoyed the evening. He spent some of his birthday money getting the movie Thor and watched that while drinking some orange julius and eating popcorn. To just stay at home and cuddle on the couch made for a very nice evening.

Today our church time switched to 9-12, which we both are glad for, however it does mean 7 o'clock meetings for Brett. (We can substitute the lack of sleep with an afternoon nap.) After church we had a taco social that was a lot of fun. We are getting to know our new neighbors!

Tonight we are doing a game night with Brent and Brandi. They live just a couple buildings away from us in the same apartment complex. Should be a fun night!

Enjoy your week!

Sheree Bingham

Brett's Birthday Cake!

This is Brett's Accounting homework position. He will sit like this for hours!


  1. You guys sound like a couple of students or something! Enjoy the simple pleasures!

  2. A Sunday afternoon nap! It doesn't get better than that. Happy Birthday, Brett! Kari

  3. Can I come to the game nights when I get up there? Or will I have to bring a date?


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