Sunday, March 25

Grad Night, Ward Party, and the Honor Code!


The semester is wrapping up and all of Rexburg is feeling it! The beautiful 50-60 degree weather is making it rather difficult to concentrate, all we want to do is go outside and play!

We did go throw a Frisbee around on Tuesday, just to soak up some sun, but this week was very rigorous in terms of school work.

Wednesday morning I gave my Social Media for Moms presentation to a Parents something something meeting in Sugar City. They were a great audience and I can give a big sigh of relief knowing that my project is finally completed. All I have left for it is Senior Showcase where I get to set up a table about my project. There will be judges there to give me my final great - yikes!

Wednesday night was Grad Night! I got to go listen to President Henry J Eyring Speak. (The son of the President Henry B. Eyring - he is the president of advancement at our school) He gave a fantastic talk about how at this point in our lives there are going to be lots of potential disappointments in the form of rejection letters and not getting the jobs we want right off the bat, but not to be discouraged because we are going to end up in a place where we will bless the lives of those around us. He emphasized that the church is in great need of us in all corners of the world. Overall just fantastic! We also received some gifts from the BYUI Alumni Association. My favorite is the BYUI alumni Key chain - feels good!

This weekend Brett finished up a 10 page paper on The Honor Code here at BYUI. This was a big feat for him as English is his least favorite topic of study. You can ask him about his paper, but only if you are preparing yourself for at least an hours worth of conversation! He has some rather convincing arguments. He also took several tests this week, he did fantastic on his accounting 302 test!

Yesterday amidst business and Law tests I went to a baby shower for our friend Chelsea who is due at the end of may. And last night we had a ward party, complete with Sub sandwiches and a chocolate fountain! I could not believe all the yummy things they had there to dip in chocolate - even Cinnamon bears!

I hope everyone has a great week and enjoys the changing season!

Sheree Bingham
Baby Shower! (Expecting mommy is on my left!)

The park!


  1. Just reading about all your activity makes me tired! Naptime!

  2. I think the honor code paper is hilarious!! Brett is pretty passionate about it. I'm sure he had some good arguments.

    1. You bet I did! Don't make me send it to you and force you to read it :)


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