Sunday, April 29

Broulims x2

Hello Family and Friends,

Well, Brett and I are officially Broulim's People. Brett continues to do a great job in the Bakery and everyone was very willing to welcome "Brett's wife" into the Deli. I have never made so many sandwiches in my life! I like the people I work with and the work itself can be fun. It is great to have a job - I am very aware that there are many people in Rexburg that need jobs and cannot find them.

New Callings! Last week Brett was made the Executive Secretary in the Bishopric and I am the new Relief Society Secretary. We are both looking forward to giving our best in these new callings and getting to know the great people we will be serving with.

We went to a ward Family Home Evening this week. It was a knowledge fair. We learned about Car maintenance, couponing, foot massages, and family history. It was fun, about half of our ward is new this semester and it was fun getting to know new people. It was also nice not to have to cook - love when the ward feeds us and send us home with the extras!

I hope everyone has a good week!

Sheree Bingham



  1. We still need a picture of the two of you in uniform! That FHE sounds awesome...

  2. Oh, good for you--I bet you can make more sandwiches now than you ever dreamed of. :) (Or maybe you are making them in your sleep?)

    Great callings for both of you. You learn so much about the Bishop and R.S. President callings. And of course it's very inspiring to work with people who are dedicating so much of their time and talents to the Lord, in your own ward.

  3. i am glad you learned about foot massages. i will let you practice when you come to see sadie.


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