Saturday, September 15

Brett went back to school

Our wonderful summer has ended. We sure had some great times!

Brett is back to school. I like that now we can say next semester is his last! This semester he is taking:

  • Income Tax (the 2nd half)
  • Accounting Information Systems
  • Financial Management
  • Leadership
  • Professional Internship
  • GMAT prep class
Doesn't that just make you want to go to his classes with him! No? Yeah, me neither :) He sure has a big load this semester: classes, internship, accounting society ambassador, studying for the GMAT. I know he'll do great! 

I have continued loving my job with Color in Motion 5k. We have 3 races coming up in the next couple months in Dallas, Jacksonville, and then Houston. The interns and I absolutely love watching as more and more people sign up for the races! I also keep busy with baby sitting one of my good friends daughters- 1 1/2 and absolutely adorable- while she goes to class. There will also be institute and yoga class to keep me busy starting next week. (I try to stay busy so that I don't go crazy watching Brett do homework- its not good for either of us) 

That is a quick update on the Binghams!

Sheree Bingham

P.S. I think everyone has heard, but just in case, Baby coming in March :)

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