Monday, September 3

Bear World!

Happy Labor day everyone!

Today has been a very packed day! We went to Idaho Falls to do some back to school shopping for Brett - he is down to one pair of jeans without holes in them. We went to the mall and loved the Labor Day Sales! We then enjoyed Brett's favorite restaurant, Texas Road house! We got two meals, two salads and an onion blossom for 16 dollars!

What I feel was the highlight of our day - Bear World! We have lived in Rexburg for so long and never taken the time (or money) to go to Bear world! I am so glad we did :)

We drove through and saw deer, elk, mountain goats, buffalo, black bears, grizzly bears, and even wolves! It was so cool. Some of the bears would come right up to the car and sniff around!

Funny Story: As you drive through you are not supposed to stop. You just go 3-5 miles an hour the entire time, so we were pretty annoyed when the car in front of us was stopped. Then out of nowhere the biggest black bear in the whole park come walking straight toward our car. I am saying "Aw, its so cute!" And Brett is panicking saying, "go cars, go NOW, go, go, go!" He was legitimately scared, maybe I would have been more so if it had been on my side of the car. Side note: we were fine it just walked up to the car sniffed around and walked past. As I laughed at Brett later he said, "That was scary! It looked me straight in the eyes!"

They also had a petting zoo that was fun, we got to pet baby deer and goats, I was not going to go anywhere near those chickens though! no thanks!

Overall a great day :)

Sheree Bingham


Bear cub fight!

This is the bear walking right past our car window!

Baby deer!

This one was super friendly!

No baby cub just yet ;)

Oh wow!

They kept the really little ones seperate!


  1. What an adventure! Now we will have to go next time we are up those bears!

  2. Just for the record I am not a chicken. I was looking up into the eyes of a huge bear less than a foot away from me.

  3. Haha wow defensive much Brett? Haha its ok I would be pretty scared too... i think I watched Sea Gypsies too many times when i was younger... way too many bear encounters in that show!


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