Sunday, September 23

Top 10 Questions asked in our Home

Top 10 questions asked in our home:

10. What's for dinner?
9. Are you coming home tonight or tomorrow?
8. Did you have lunch already?
7. How was babysitting?
6. Do you have any more homework tonight?
5. Did you talk to anyone today? (phone calls to/from family and friends)
4. How are you feeling?
3. How's the internship going?
2. How was work?
1. How was class?

Sometimes we go over all these questions in a day and sometimes we only have time for one or two of them, usually asked over the phone as one of us is driving from one activity to another. Despite the lack of time we get to spend together, it is sure fun to see all the things we are accomplishing. We are both learning so much at work and school and we are really learning to make our time together quality because quantity is just not an option!

Sheree Bingham

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  1. Busy time of life for sure! I'm excited for when you add, "want to feel the baby kick?".


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