Monday, November 19

Color in Motion 5k - Dallas

This weekend was my awesome business trip to Dallas! What a crazy city! The traffic was unbelievable and the water tastes funny, and its true - everything is bigger in texas! But overall a great experience I am really glad I went!

It was in the 70's everyday this weekend in Dallas- then returned to a whopping 40 degrees in Rexburg, but worth it to be back with Brett! (He also deep cleaned the apartment while I was gone! He is fantastic!

The race went really smoothly and the energy there was fantastic! People had SO much fun and just loved it! I got some really fun pictures, but of course the best ones were taken by our professional photographer.

After three super packed days (packet stuffing, packet pickup, and race day) I was able to relax- after race clean up, and my brother Brent and his wife came down from Houston to hang out! It was great seeing them, we got to shop around for baby clothes, tour the biggest mall I have ever been in, and go out to dinner! Brent took a picture of me and Brandi next to an "expecting mom" parking spot sign.

Next Week- Thanksgiving! Woohoo! Bring on family, food, and the start of Christmas music!

Sheree Bingham

3500 people is a lot!

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