Monday, November 12

It's a boy!

This week we had our baby appointment and found out that the first addition to our family is a boy! Questions we get most often (1) Are you so excited? (2) Were you surprised? (3) Have you come up with any names yet? Answers: (1) YES!!! (2) Yes! (3) No, it is a lot harder than we thought!

Our baby definitely takes after Brett- we could NOT get a picture of baby's face! The doctor had to take a 3D picture and digitally delete his arms to get a good look at his face! Binghams don't really like having their picture taken - I have no idea why, I love pictures.

When we found out we were pregnant I starting making two baby blankets, a boy one and a girl one. I finished the boy one while Brett was gone this weekend!

We have a busy couple of weeks coming up and we are looking forward to all the adventures!

Sheree Bingham


  1. Yippee, Sheree! Here, I'll ask a different question: which one of you will teach this child to drive?? :)

    1. HA! It'd better be Brett - and he can start him on a tractor!

  2. LOVE the blanket! For our Grandson - I love saying that!

  3. Fabulous! I've always been a GREAT aunt, now I'll be a GREAT, great aunt! How about John? Jacob? Jingleheimer? Schmidt????? :-)


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