Monday, November 26


Brett and I were in 5 different states this last week! Idaho, Utah, Arizona, Nevada, and New Mexico! Hey- direct flights are more expensive!

We went to New Mexico to spend thanksgiving with my family! We had not been back to NM since our wedding and it was great to be home!

Adventures (and lots of pictures! -I am 22 weeks pregnant in all these pics):

Tuesday- Arrive in NM, Mani/Pedi's with Mom, Olive Garden, hang out with some friends I have not seen in a very long time.

Wednesday- Go to double eagle airport and hang out while my Dad takes Brett flying. He even let Brett fly the plane! Scary! Ride the tram up to the top of Sandia peak - it is the second longest tram ride in the world. Hike around at the top of the mountain. Brett jumped out from behind a ledge and scared me and my mom half to death. Eat a Silver Plate Travis at K&I diner. It is the NM version of Big Jud's.

Cold morning- perfect for flying!

Ready to go!

Brett can say he flew this plane!

The boardwalk on top of the Sandia's!

 Thursday- Thanksgiving! Ate lots of food, played games, and went to the movies! Girls saw Breaking dawn part 2 and Boys saw the new James Bond movie.

Friday- Shopping in Santa Fe and hiking in Bandalier! So much fun!

Negotiating prices in Santa Fe

Cathedral in Santa Fe with "Miraculous Staircase"

Climbing Ladders in Bandalier!

Saturday- Christmas decorating! Bowling, I guess my family bowls a lot now that Doug is on a bowling league! Garcia's kitchen, famous for their green chile. Home to Rexburg.

It was such a fun week! We really loved spending time with family and seeing all the sites of New Mexico! It is strange to think that the next time we see my parents- they will be grandparents!

I hope everyone is loving the transition into the Christmas season as much as I am!

Sheree Bingham

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  1. WHat great pictures! Looks like it was sunny for you. Just beautiful. I want to see Breaking Dawn Part 2. Frank and I have seen all the movies, and I read only the last book. Pretty bad acting, but an intriguing story. I really liked that last book. Happy Christmas preparations! :)


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