Sunday, March 16

The Climber!

John is not only pulling up on furniture he is now starting to climb onto it! He pushes his toy firetruck over to the couch climbs on it and then onto the couch. When he gets a little taller the fire truck will no longer be necessary. He also like to knock DVDs off the TV stand, pile them up, and stand on them. Why? So he can get his little handprints higher on the TV as far as I can tell!

(Brett said I should include this story) John is very quick to get around and loves going into any room that isn't the living room. We have been really good at closing doors but I slipped up and John went into his room while I was making dinner. When I realized he was missing I rushed into his room where he was completely covered in baby powder. When I tried to take it away from him he squeezed the bottle and got a mouthful of it! He gagged and spluttered, it was so funny. I wish I had taken a picture! Brett was worried about calling poison control or something but he was just fine! :)

This weekend our 8 year old neice Morgan had a dance competition here in town we went to cheer her on and she did amazing! Her routine incorporated an ariel flip! Amazing! I hear she won second place but I will need to give her a call and find out the details!

We had family pictures/ John one year pics yesterday. It was barely warm enough so we did them outside. John was drawing a small crowd at one point! It was funny and he loved the attention. I  can't wait to see how they turned out!

With a dinosaur a friend made for him!

Picture of a picture...

John and friend Melody rejecting their crowns

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