Sunday, March 23

We'll try to be more reverent next week...

Today at church there was a family with three boys sitting behind us. The oldest teenager was sitting with his elbows on his knees, leaning forward, his eyes kinda glazed over. John must have thought he looked sad because he tried to stick his binky in the boys mouth. If he was sad- he wan't anymore! I think more than half the congregation turned to see why this family had burst out laughing! We'll try to be more reverent next week…

Brett had another basketball game on thursday, they had to forfeit because they didn't have enough players but they played anyway. Brett got fouled pretty bad and ended up on his back but with a really bad bruise on his knee… not sure how it all happened but it looked pretty painful! John also got hit by an unsuccessfully rebounded basketball. Right on his forehead. He didn't cry- I think he was in shock! There were two other close hits too- I think they might have been aiming for him.

Today in Sunbeams we had 3 girls and they kept saying the cutest things! "My favorite animals are sparkly animals" "Why does Noah have to have a boy AND a girl animal on the boat?" "Where is John and the baby?" (Sometimes they get confused and get John and Brett mixed up) "Sister Binglam, I like your eyeshadow!" "I have to brush my horses hair every night otherwise it gets tangled!" Me: "Who put the animals in the forest?" Little girl: "I DID!"


  1. I enjoy reading your updates. John is so big! I am impressed he didn't even cry. I think Primary kids are the best! Every week I just go home laughing at the silly things they say.

  2. Awwww, what great pictures, Sheree! I'm also chuckling at the comments of the 3-year-olds.

    Good Sacrament Meeting story, too-- see, THAT's the kind of thing John will love to hear about in a few years! WRITE THAT ONE DOWN for him! (I know, it's in your blog, but make it somehow easily accessible so when John says, "tell me what I did when I was a baby," you can get to it fast.)

    Also, we have that same laundry basket in the last picture. :)

  3. John is so precious! You have the cutest family Sheree! Miss you! Come visit me soon.


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