Sunday, November 20

Other things this past week...

Hey y'all,

Well, my mom's surprise visit was really the big events of this week, but we did do some other things.

Sunday night my cousin Rachelle came over to introduce us to her new boyfriend, we approve. We played "Would you rather," which is a game I got for Christmas last year but had only played once. We loved it! We will definitely play it more!

Sometime a couple weeks ago I was using Brett's scripture marker and set it down and then couldn't find it again. We didn't worry about it too much because things don't really stay lost in our small apartment for too long. It didn't show up though and so we really looked and Brett ended up finding it after he stuck his hand way deep into the couch cushions, however, the scripture marker is not the only thing we found. I hope the picture of what we found does not deter anyone from sitting on our couch!

We are looking forward to some days off school and our trip down to Honeyville for Thanksgiving!

Have a Happy Holiday!

Sheree Bingham

Rachelle and Chris

The content of our couch, yikes! (see the spoon...)

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