Saturday, November 19

My Mom Came to Rexburg!

Hello Everyone!

This week started out very normal, classes, work, and such but then I got a huge shock!

Here's the Story:

On Tuesday Brett told me that his friends little sister was coming back from Brigham City and had stopped in Honeyville to get some books that Brett had left at home. He said that she was going to be coming in on the Salt Lake Express on Wednesday and was wondering if I could get them from her when the bus came in. It happened to fit perfectly into my schedule and so I said I would. The next day I arrived at the bus stop and was waiting and waiting inside the building (because it was so so cold outside)! I was on the phone with Brett and looking around for someone that fit the description of Brett's friends little sister and then I glanced out the door and MY MOM was walking towards me! I was completely shocked! I ran to her gave her a big hug, there was probably some screaming and a little bit of crying.

Brett was the only one that knew she was coming and he kept it a secret really well! There were some strange behaviors such as randomly deciding to deep clean the apartment by himself and asking me very detailed questions about my week, but I remained completely clueless!

Brent and Craig (my brothers who are here in Rexburg) did not know that she was coming either.

So my mom was here from Wednesday night to just this morning (Saturday). The original idea for her coming was to come to Craig's play. He was in "The Lazy Chaperon" which is a hilarious musical, he did an amazing job!

We had so much fun going to see Craig's play! I saw it twice with my mom and am going tonight with Brett, I think I will enjoy it just as much the third time as I did the first!

I really enjoyed having my mom here. We got to go talk and play and we even did some early Christmas shopping! I hope she had as much fun as we did even though it is about 40 degrees colder here than it is in Albuquerque!

Anyway, I will post again tomorrow about other events that happened this week, but I thought that this was enough for its own post.

Sheree Bingham

P.S. My mom took this picture of me and Brett!

First Kiss under the mistletoe!

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  1. What a fun surprise!!! I'm glad you got to see you mom. Brett is a REALLY good secret keeper, I agree. And cute mistletoe picture. Can't wait to see you both next week!


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