Sunday, July 8

Welcome July!

Good Afternoon!

Blog writing has become a natural part of our Sunday routine here. We come home from church, eat dinner, and then Brett takes a nap while I do the blog! It's a good system- Brett's snoring really drowns out the sound of the typing...

There have been many 4th of July Posts recently and it looks like everyone had a lot of fun! That's so good! It was beautiful here in Rexburg. We had my little Brother Craig over and made hamburgers! The boys did bacon, cheddar, pickles, the works on their burgers! It's like an art form with them :) We then went and played mini golf.

On Thursday Craig got his mission call! We all gathered at our apartment and put my parents on speaker phone and skype- my mom and Doug were in New Mexico and my Dad was in Seatle- he was called to serve in the Tulsa Oklahoma Mission. We are so proud of him and so excited!

Mission Call!

 Friday was another golf day, Brett is getting better. I really enjoy walking around the course with him. Brett needs to go 4 more times before next Tuesday to get full credit for his class, so we will be going a lot this next week!

I've got to go make some muddy buddies for a game night with our neighbors tonight! Yum!

Have a good week and thanks for reading!

Sheree Bingham

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  1. Muddy Buddies. Extra yum!! Glad your 4th of July was good, and we are excited for Craig too. Sorry you have to golf so much this week. Maybe you can take a book along (yawn). :)tee-hee, the only sport more boring to watch than baseball...?


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