Sunday, July 1

New Job, Brave, and the Mikado!


This week feels like it has just been all over the place!

Saturday was my last Day working at Broulims; it was a long short ride and I am glad to be moving on. I am the new Public Relations Manager at Color in Motion which arranges 5k races throughout the United States. I start on Monday. The races are a little like this...

My job will involve lots of PR, advertising, social media, organization of the interns and their work, and coming up with creative ideas for event promotion. I am very much looking forward to everything!

Brett surprised me with a date and took me to see the Disney movie Brave. It was cute with a lot of good messages in it! (beware the nudity...) I know you wouldn't think- Disney- right? He then took me to Costa Vida for dinner. We have found that if you catch them on the right days with the right deals you can get two meals including drinks for only 6 dollars!

We also went and saw the Mikado! Craig did an excellent job, it is always fun to see him on stage! They tried to make him look Japanese... how'd they do?

Enjoy the Fourth of July this week!

Sheree Bingham


  1. Break a leg tomorrow!! (or whatever you do with a new job!)

  2. Good luck with it all! Great that you're moving on to bigger and better things!

  3. Love that description: "it was a long short ride"--I can picture right now the jobs I would categorize that way! Ha. Good luck with all the new stuff. :)


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