Friday, July 20

You may not know...

I do/say embarrassing things. If you ask someone to tell you an embarrassing story about me, they probably won't be able to think of any, but they do happen. There is one event in particular that is reoccurring, every three months I lock myself out of my car! I am sitting at the office waiting for Brett to finish with things on campus so he can come save me. When I called him he laughed and said, "Every three months without fail!" The last time it happened I was at Broulims. The first time it happened (when Brett was my hero- my Dad has saved me on occasion as well) was a week and a half into being married, I locked myself out of my car on campus.

My parents are on their way to Rexburg right now for Brent and Brandi's graduation! Lots of fun events planned for while they are here!

I hope everyone is loving the hot weather! In the 90's and humid here!

Sheree Bingham

My Hero- assuming he decides to come save me, he may change his mind :)


  1. Lol! Girl, you need a key pad!

  2. Way too funny, Sheree! Maybe one of those little magnetic boxes to hold an extra key, that you stick to the underside of your car somewhere...?


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