Friday, August 3

Bingham Bear Lake Reunion

This week we spent time with Brett's family at Bear Lake! It was so much fun seeing all the nieces and nephews... yep all 11 of them under the same roof! This doesn't happen very often and I am so glad we got to see everyone.

We spent a lot of time out on the boat, Brett loved the wake boarding/surfing and was getting pretty good at it by the end. I was content just watching. I did let the guys talk me in to some tubing, which was fun! Me and Brett got to watch some Olympics for the first time since they started... go team USA! Brett bought me a famous Bear Lake raspberry shake which was delicious. It was a quick trip, but packed with fun. Brett was not as diligent with the sun screen this time around and is pretty red. Between that and the sore muscles I can only imagine how much he is enjoying work right now.

It is nice to enjoy the summer with family. It has been a great 7 week break so far and many adventures yet to come!

Take Care,

Sheree Bingham

Brett and Steve are in the water trying to anchor the boat with a big rock.

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  1. It was fun to see you guys! Tell Brett to soak some wash cloths with milk and put it on the burns. It works like a charm!


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