Sunday, August 12

Whats the Dealio?!


I realize that my blogging has been rather inconstant lately. It's summertime, what can I say?!

This week Brett worked almost everyday. He is coming up on quitting day and it seems like Broulims wants to get the most out of him as they can! They have him training his replacement, which he seems to really enjoy, he gets to show them how to do things the RIGHT way (his way).

Color in Motion 5k has been busy. We are working on getting people to our social media sites and getting the word out about our races! There is a link on the right side of my blog that will take you to the website if you are still confused on what it is that we do.

On Wednesday I was at work and one of the race directors came in with this huge smile on his face and said- do you know what the dealio is today? He got some strange looks from some of the interns that had no idea what dealio is. (It is a texting/email service that offers daily deals at local restaurants.) The dealio on Wednesday was buy one get one free Calzones at 5 buck pizza and buy one get one free at Kiwi Loco. So guess what we did! Yep- we took both dealio offers! I like Kiwi Loco because it reminds me of the now closed down TwizzleBerry where me and Brett had our first date.

We also went and saw Men in Black 3 this weekend. It was funny and witty and cheesy just like the other 2! I will admit I am not the biggest fan of the gross alien things.

So that is our week in a nut shell! I hear that a lot of cousins/neices/nephews/siblings/etc are headed back to school this week, so Good Luck! Especially Doug- because sophomore year of high school can be awesome!

Take Care,

Sheree Bingham

Here are some family pictures from Brett's Reunion... look at all those cute kidos!


  1. Now I know what a Dealio is!!!Very cool pictures of all those crazy Binghams - we sure love them!!!

  2. Very, cool, Sheree! And no, I haven't seen the delios yet. I'll watch out for them-- :)


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