Tuesday, August 28

Honeyville, Wicked, and the Fair!

This last week was spent in Honeyville with Brett's Family. He started his internship last week and was getting all the information he would need. It was neat to go with him to meet with the CPA - thanks to my Accounting 101 class I was able to recognize some of the big words they used!

We went to the fair a couple times during the week and enjoyed the rodeo on Thursday. Brett got me the cutest purse- thanks honey! At first he wouldn't even come into the little purse booth area but I gradually broke him down to the point where he would hold out both hands and hold different purses for me so I could compare them side-by-side. I know- such a great husband! We went to the fair again with Laura and Steve and there kids. Jack(3) was so brave going on all the rides I couldn't believe it!

On Saturday all the girls went to Wicked! For our birthdays this year (and next) Mary, Brett's mom, bought us tickets to see the play in Salt Lake. It was amazingly awesome, and we had a great time. The talent was amazing and it was so fun to see the story behind all the songs I have heard for forever. "Defying Gravity" was definitely my favorite song.

Hope everyone is well,

Sheree Bingham


  1. Now I'm jealous! I haven't seen "Wicked" yet. And for Brett to hold purses for you--THAT's an amazing sacrifice! :)

  2. Craig and I loved wicked - last year I think? I loved that song too!


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