Sunday, August 19

Broulims and the Haunted Swingset

Goodbye Broulims!! That's right. Saturday was Brett's last day at Broulims and on Monday he is starting his internship. We are very happy to be moving on to this next step- one that felt like it was never going to happen! Brett says that he is glad to be leaving Broulims but feels sad to leave some of his friends that are there.

To celebrate Brett's quitting of Broulims we went to Pizza Pie Cafe (more commonly known as Craigos here in Rexburg) and went out to "the haunted swing set". Shout out to those who know what I am talking about :)

Our apartment is being re-carpeted this week so we are trying to be the best engineers possible right now and think of all the creative ways of getting everything off our carpet and into the kitchen and bathroom. It has to be possible right?! We will make it happen! It is one of many many things that we have to do tomorrow morning. Yikes!

We are looking forward to a ward ice cream social tonight. It is so nice when everyone in the ward lives right next door to each other- ward activities can be just right downstairs!

Have a good week!

Sheree Bingham

One of my favorites from family pictures!


  1. All of your possessions in the kitchen and bathroom. How high are your ceilings?? It's amazing how much you can balance and stack if you have high ceilings. :)

    1. Yeah- it sounded like a hard task and then we realize- oh! We really don't have that much stuff! It was great, and when we put everything back we did some remodeling, it was fun!


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