Tuesday, April 17

Anniversary, Honeyville, Classes, and New Job!


Happy One Year Anniversary! Ok, It was last week, I am just slow on the blog update! Brett was very secretive this time, although I don't think it was too hard for him to keep the secret since I was so busy thinking about other things like finals, graduation, and my family being in town...

On Monday morning Brett told me to pack a bag and then took me to Salt Lake! We stayed in a nice hotel and Brett took me to eat at the Melting Pot. It is a fondue restaurant and was a really neat experience! We then went and saw the Hunger Games, which was fantastic! I had just finished reading the book and Brett just finished it Yesterday. It was a really great anniversary and I still can't believe its been a whole year!

This weekend we spent a couple of days in Honeyville. I got to spend a couple hours on Saturday shopping with my cousin Heather! It was so much fun to see her again! It was fun playing games and chasing after nieces and nephews!  Our sister-in-law Mandy had a baby girl yesterday - bringing the Bingham grandchildren to a total of 11 - we are still waiting to hear what they named her!

Brett is starting School this morning. It is strange for him to be going to class and me to just stay here. I will not be bored though because I start my new Job today! That's right, I will be working along side my husband at Broulims! (The local grocery store) Brett will continue working in the bakery and I was hired in the Deli. It is such a blessing to have a job and so quickly after graduation.

I hope everyone has a great day and good luck with finals or starting classes!

Sheree Bingham

Sharing Chips and Salsa with Nephew Brody

Just couldn't get him away from that book!


  1. Brody is getting so big!!! Great break you had!!

  2. Hey, now THAT brings back some memories. Our first year of marriage, Frank and I worked at the local grocery store: he was a checker and I worked in the deli! We bought our first couch (replacing the bean bag chairs in the apartment) after we had $600.

    Happy Anniversary! :)


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