Sunday, April 8

Sheree's Graduation!


Graduation was fantastic! It felt so great to bring everything to a close with all the other graduates. Russel M. Ballard was the commencement speaker and he gave a fantastic talk that would be impossible for me to summarize. I hope that we get a copy of the talk soon. All of my family was able to be there, which was a blessing, and Brett's parents and Sister drove up as well.

I think that the pictures say the rest!

Sheree Bingham

Graduation Dress!

A big day!

The whole family!

Walking across the stage!

Brett's present to me! (He did the writing)

What a great day!


  1. Nice Cake, by the way! Tell Brett he did a wonderful job spelling all the words right...?! (tee-hee!) Very sweet. Thanks for posting photos.


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