Sunday, April 8

Monster Eggs!


Nothing says Easter like monster eggs right?!

My two teenage brothers stayed with us this weekend and we had a lot of fun! They took to just Dance 3 well enough (my entire family enjoyed it) and so we played that often and last night we decorated Easter eggs! They couldn't just be normal Easter eggs though... these were monsters! We had a lot of fun with it!

Scary Eggs!


These guys crack me up! (Doug (15), Craig(18), and Brett!(24))

My favorite one!

While my parents were here (and Brett was at work) we went to the BYUI Bowling Ally, which was fun. What happens about 45% of the time that I go bowling is I get through the front doors of the alley and then remember that I am not wearing socks. This wasn't a problem at the BYUI lanes though because they had some I could borrow! Bleh! I swear they pulled these socks out of the lost and found in the seventies and figured give them to the poor forgetful bowlers! (They didn't match and one of them the elastic had completely worn out of.)

Fun times with family! I hope that everyone has a great Easter!

Sheree Bingham

Just Dance 3!


  1. Ok, "Eeeewww..." the socks at the bowling alley thing makes me gag just a little.

    I'm thinking we should break out the Easter Egg decorating for next year, hmmm? Monster eggs is a great idea!

  2. Baha! I forget my socks every time I go bowling too! At Sylva lanes in Abq they actually have a sock vending machine. Lol..


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