Tuesday, April 3

Newel K. Whitney Award Ceremony

Dear Sheree,
"The BYU-Idaho Department of Communication is pleased to announce that you have been selected to receive the Newel K. Whitney Scholar award.  Please join us for an award ceremony Jan. 3 from 2-3 p.m. in Manwaring Center 387 Special Events room.
The Newel K. Whitney Scholar award is in memory of the early Church leader who used his gifts, talents and means to build the kingdom of God.  Whitney was innovative, frugal and honest.  Additionally, he was able to improve his business yet remain loyal to the Church despite hard times. 
Specifically, you are being honored for your character, diligence and pursuit of excellence. Selected students must be nominated by at least four Communication faculty who feel you will represent the Church, university and department as an exemplary graduate.

Thank you for your exceptional work as a student in the Department of Communication, and congratulations on being named a Newel K. Whitney Scholar!"

Michael C. Cannon, Chair
Department of Communication
This was an email I received about a month ago. The Awards Ceremony was today!  Brett sat and held my hand as we listened to each award winner be introduced by one of the teachers that nominated them. When it was my turn to be introduced I was very nervous. Brother Eric Embree, who has been my teacher, employer, and friend gave a fantastic introduction and explained why I was nominated. I feel that he was way too kind! 

Overall, it was a great event and I am honored to be a Newel K. Whitney Scholar! Only 3 more days until graduation!

Sheree Bingham

These are all the award winners. Just 17 out of hundreds graduating!

This is the award, a book that folds out into this beautiful clock!


  1. This is just awesome, Sheree! I SO wish they had postponed the ceremony until I could be there - but Pres. Clark said they just couldn't. Yeah - I asked..... (haha) We're proud of you!

  2. Way to go, Sheree! That's an impressive accomplishment! I once won a theater award for my entire school, but realistically there was only one other possible candidate besides me, so it's really not all that impressive... anyway, good job!

  3. Congratulations on winning this award!!! Brett said that they gave you a very impressive intro. We are very proud of you. Best wishes for the future... (p.s. Glad that there was a camera to document)

  4. That's so neat Sheree! Way to excel in all you do!


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